Lecil Henderson, of Henderson Designs, creates many of the most unique products in the jewelry industry. His bracelets, whether Venetian or Firenze, offer unique upscale elegant styling that are easy to wear with jeans or to a black tie gala.

Lecil never ceases to surprise my customers. Many come back year after year to build their collection of his classic and/or on of a kind pieces.

-Elva Valentine - Valentines, Dallas, PA

Never before has a line of jewelry been so successful, SO QUICKLY! Lecil has done what every designer should do..make what the people want. Clients are thrilled with not only the attractiveness of the Henderson Collection, but the ease in wearing the Henderson Collection. No more clasps to struggle with on bracelets, no low hanging earrings and the rings the rings are terrific especially when you need little more room. Beauty and wear ability - a wonderful combination!

-Lynette M.J. Miller & Co., Barrington, IL

Hi, Lecil!!!!! I just wanted to let you know that I wore my new jewelry out in public for the first time this past weekend and it got RAVE reviews!!! More surprisingly, I loved it even more when I put it on this weekend than I did before!! It is SOOOOOOO great! I'm so happy I bought the set!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

-Tracey, Connecticut

Lecil is entertaining with his/our customers. He is encouraging and creates excitement about his unique line of jewelry. Lecil has wonderful stories that brings all of his jewelry to life.....his mother's specific recommendations, like "...a woman's wrist is not round, it is oval...." or "... the bracelet should be easy to put on and take off...." or "...unique colors, and that he can copy colors of a customer's purse, shoes, shawl, whatever, for a special occasion or party or wedding....etc....."

-Delle Jones and Sarah Zamary, D'Elegante (Cincinnati, OH)

Lecil and the HENDERSON COLLECTION are the best designer/manufacturing team any retailer could ever hope to have as a partner. Their innovative designs and comprehensive INSTORE Marketing Program are noting short of amazing. They have helped us grow our market share with important customers in our community and greatly assisted our bottom line. I strongly suggest that when you consider adding a new line that you look closely at The HENDERSON COLLECTION.

-Paul Brockhaus ~ Simpson-Brockhaus, Edmond, OK

Lecil's new purple gold is totally cool and sooooo L.A. Perfect Lakers colors of purple and gold!! Also fabulous for anyone looking for a totally unique "gold experience"!

-David Friedman, President ~ Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers, Los Angeles, CA

"Beauty is a natural superiority." - Plato
The Venetian Collection personifies this quote.

-Rejena Carreras ~ Carreras Ltd., Richmond, VA

"We have made some great friends having been in the industry for 40 years. Lecil and the staff at The Henderson Collection would be some we would count as just that. From the first day we met them, they were warm and kind. They stood out. They are an honest, trustworthy and dependable company. The rare time we have had to warranty a piece, they honor and stand behind their goods no questions asked. Never the blame game with the client. They look after you, which makes you look good to your client. If we have pieces that just didn't work, they assist us. They keep up with pricing or answers to questions right away. The girls in the office are always pleasant and helpful. Our business together has been growing year over year and I do not anticipate that slowing down"

-Chelsea Roset, Roset by Reid (Medicine Hat, Alberta)

"We have been carrying the Henderson Collection for more than 20 years. Lecil never ceases to amaze us with his new and innovated designs. Whether it's from the beautiful Venetian Collection, the Firenze line or the very fashionable Luca Collection, there is something for everyone. Buyers become collectors and collectors become friends. The entire Henderson team goes out of their way to accommodate every special request."

-Lou DeSimone, Cellini Design Jewelers (Orange, CT)

"Besides designing beautiful unique pieces, Lecil and his crew go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. You're treated like family and whatever your request, they'll make it happen. From the intimate fun in-store events to working the line at the jewelry shows, WLH Limited is a breath of fresh air. It's good old southern hospitality at its best! Thank you Lecil, Ann, Amanda, Lindsey and Debbie!"

-Tamara Cook, Avant Garde Jewelers (Austin, TX)

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